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Public Records

ONLINE RECORDS Commission Agendas

The City’s Custodian of Public Records:

Custodian of Records for Police Matters:

Custodians of Records for City Pension Plans:

  • Cal Bowen, Finance Director – General Employees’ Plan
    863-291-5667; 551 Third St. NW, 33881
  • Susy Pita, Plan Administrator – Firefighters’ and Police Officer’s Retirement Systems

PLEASE BE ADVISED: All e-mail sent to and from the City of Winter Haven, Florida, including e-mail addresses and content, are subject to the provisions of the Florida Public Records Law, Florida Statute Chapter 119, and may be subject to disclosure.

All municipal records, with the exception of exempt records identified by Florida Statutes 119.07, are public record and are open for personal inspection by anyone. Access to public records is during normal working hours – Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. “Reasonable” time, as it relates to time needed to retrieve records and/or complete a request for public record is not defined by Florida Statute. “Reasonable” response time will depend on the complexity of the request for public record, location of records and work schedule of staff needed to provide records.

Florida Statute 119.07(4) generally allows copy fees of 15 cents for one-sided copies and 20 cents for double-sized copies. Most requests for public records will be provided at no charge by paper or electronically. More detailed requests for public records may include charges authorized by state statute for copying, supplies, such as CDs or DVDs, postage, and extensive use of technology resources or extensive clerical and/or supervisory assistance needed to provide requested records. There is no charge for staff time of 30 minutes or less required to provide public records. All fees shall be paid prior to delivery of requested records.

Some City of Winter Haven records are posted online at For online records, including City Commission agendas and minutes, adopted ordinances, resolutions, and more, click on the link above.

Requests for public records may be made anonymously. To make a request for public record, contact Joy Townsend, CMC.

City Hall
451 Third Street NWWinter Haven, Florida 33881
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Joy Townsend, CMC
Deputy City Clerk/Records Administrator