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Water Tower. FAQs

Water Conservation

Conserving water means more water will be available to serve present and future water needs, as well as for wildlife and recreation.

Water conservation practices can result in lower wastewater discharges, which can mean an improvement in overall water quality. Conserving water diminishes our need to find or build new water sources, leaving them in reserve for future use.

…It Saves Money for You and Your Community
Conserving water reduces the amount of money you spend each month for household water use. Your community saves the money spent pumping and treating water before and after use, plus conservation can delay expenditures for additional water sources and treatment facilities.

…It Insures the Reliability of Your Water Supply
Water conservation can positively affect the reliability of your water supplies during periods of high demand (such as summer months) and during drought. The future of Winter Haven depends greatly upon the availability of water for generations to come. Water conservation is one of the surest, cheapest ways to insure that future.

Meeting the Challenge:
All of our water is pumped from the underground Floridan Aquifer. Winter Haven lies within an area designated as the Southern Water Use Caution Area (SWUCA), by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). The City’s goal in our water resource planning is to maintain a high quality water supply that is compatible with environmental concerns established by SWFWMD.

Approximately 58 percent of the City’s total water use is residential. The current average per person usage is 114 gallons per day (gpcd). Our goal is to significantly reduce water usage by the year 2020. This conservation goal can be met by wise water practices and elimination of water waste.

Check Your Water Bill:
Your water bill is the best indicator of how well you are conserving. Use your water bill to find out your household’s daily water consumption and your per person water consumption. You can also compare your summer use to your winter use.

View Watering Restrictions

To Report Watering Violations Call (800) 848-0499.

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