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Main Terminal Facility

Main Terminal Facility

A 13,500-square-foot terminal was dedicated in late 2008. The facility consists of areas identified for Fixed Base Operations: service counter, retail area, private office and storage room. Merchandise available in the retail area includes pilot supplies, navigational charts, and books.

The terminal facility includes a flight planning/weather room that accommodates three computer terminals, including a weather terminal with DTN weather system and a terminal for the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) which shows in graphic form the information being broadcast to the pilots by radio from the airfield weather center.

The pilots’ lounge is a private area intended to accommodate up to 10 pilots. The purpose of the room is to provide pilots a quiet place to sit and relax. A television is provided for their use.

The pilots’ sleeping lounge is a separate room adjacent to the pilots’ lounge with two recliners. A door between the two rooms provides a quiet place to nap between flights. No overnight sleeping is permitted.

There is also an administration area, conference room, retail spaces, and a restaurant.

The conference room at the Winter Haven Regional Airport can be rented for meetings and events.

For additional information please contact the Airport Administration at 863-298-4551.