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The Airport operates as a proprietary exclusive fuel reseller under FAA regulations. The FBO Services are provided by the Airport Division and administered by the Airport Director.

We provide Phillips 66 branded aviation fuels and related programs and services. Such programs include contract fuel, pilot rewards, EAA Young Eagles support, compassion flight rebates; and more.

For more information or service, call us at (863) 298-4551

After-hours service is available. Call us at the above number to prearrange service. If you have not prearranged after-hours service but you have an emergency, call us at (863) 224-1079

Eating at the restaurant earns a 10 cent discount on full service fuel


CTAF 123.050
FBO Frequency 122.775
ASOS 133.675
GCO 121.725
Tampa APP/DEP CON 120.65

Fuel Prices

Avgas Full Service $3.95
Avgas Self Service $3.55
Jet A Full Service $4.25
Jet A + Prist Full Service $4.30
Jet A Self-Serve (no Prist) $3.60
Mogas Self-Serve $3.75

Tie-down spaces

Overnight Parking Fee/General Aviation – Daily $5.00
Overnight Parking Fee – Twin engine and larger Call for pricing
Parking Fee/Single Piston – Monthly (South) $40.00
Parking Fee/Single Piston – Monthly (North) $50.00

Other Services

After-Hours Service Fee (per ops tech. per hour) $35.00
Conference Room 1/2 day $50.00
Conference Room from 7 AM to 7 PM $100.00
 Aircraft Class 
 Handling Fee
 Large Jets      $250.00      250 gallons of fuel
 Mid-Size Jets  $200.00  200 gallons of fuel
 Light Jets  $150.00  150 gallons of fuel
 Very Light Jets  $75.00  75 gallons of fuel
 Turbines   $50.00  50 gallons of fuel


Jacob Williams
Operations Technician II / Operations Lead
Lucas Johnson
Airport Operations Tech I