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Office of Procurement
April 9, 2020

New E-Procurement Platform Announcement
City of Winter Haven’s Procurement Opportunities Now Available on Negometrix

The current state of affairs has caught us all off-guard, to say the least.  In an effort to enhance the safety of our suppliers and our staff, the City of Winter Haven has joined an e-procurement platform to allow electronic submittals on all City issued solicitations.  This also means that we will no longer accept paper submittals either by mail or hand delivery to our offices.

We have partnered with Negometrix, an e-procurement platform used worldwide since 2015.  We believe you will find the transition an easy one and it is provided at no cost to you so there’s nothing to lose.  You will need to take just a moment to register in order to be notified of solicitations in the fields you choose.

Please note that you MUST sign up on Negometrix to receive notifications – prior sign up under our previous system will NO LONGER create notices to you of open bidding opportunities.

To view our current solicitations, click on the Negometrix link to our company profile found at:

Or go straight to the sign up to receive notifications, follow the registration link:

We appreciate your coming along with us on this journey to a safer, more streamlined process and we’re here to help you in that transition.  As has been said so frequently “We’re all in this together”.  Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you!


Bethany Owen
Procurement Officer

E-Procurement Platform

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