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2017 (TIP) Transportation Improvement Program – Road Resurfacing

Posted November 16th, 2017

2017 Transportation Improvement Program Map of Roadways

Lane Construction was awarded the Annual Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Contract for 2017. As part of the City’s Annual Transportation Improvement Program the contractor will perform road resurfacing work throughout the City.

Where will work occur? Locations are as follows:

  • Avenue K SW, (1st Street to US Highway 17) 11/27-Mill & Pave
  • Avenue G SW, (1st Street to US Highway 17) 11/28-Mill & Pave
  • Avenue O SW, (US Highway 17 to 7th Street SW) 11/27 & 11/28-Mill & 11/29-Pave
  • 5th Street SE, (Cypress Gardens Blvd to Avenue K SE) 11/30 & 12/1-Mill & 12/1-Pave
  • 8th Street SE, (Cypress Gardens Blvd to Avenue K SE) 11/29 & 11/30-Mill & 11/30-Pave
  • 1st Street North, (Ware Avenue to Lucerne Park Rd) 12/4-Mill & Pave
  • Canterbury Drive (Princeton Drive to Winslow Drive) 12/4-Pave
  • West Cannon Terrace (Avenue G NW to the cul de sac) 12/5-Pave
  • Pope Avenue (Lake Howard Drive to US Highway 17) 12/6-Pave
  • Unity Way (Palmetto Avenue to just north of Quintin Ave) 12/5-Mill & Pave
  • The Women’s Club parking lot 12/5-Mill & 12/6-Pave

When will work occur? The work is scheduled to begin Monday, November 27 and tentatively be completed by Wednesday, December 6.

Provisions will be made to minimize inconvenience to businesses, residents and routine services such as mail delivery and solid waste/recycling collection.

How will the work be implemented? Work includes, but is not limited to milling, asphalt resurfacing, and adjusting manhole covers/water valves/grate inlets, installation of permanent striping and re-sodding of all disturbed areas.

Who will be performing the work? The City has secured the assistance of Lane Construction (Lakeland, FL), to perform road resurfacing in the areas mentioned above. The City Project Coordinator will inspect all work performed by the Contractor to assure it has been performed according to City standards.

If you have any questions please contact Streets & Drainage Superintendent, Michael Campbell at (863) 291-5852 or email at