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2022 Certified Public Manager Program Graduates

Posted August 23rd, 2022

We want to extend a huge congratulations to our 2022 Certified Public Manager program graduates!

2022 CPM Graduates pictured with the City Commissioners.

The Certified Public Manager program is a nationally-recognized program for training and developing public managers and supervisors.­ It is currently offered in 38 states and by the federal government. ­

The primary goals are to:

  • professionalize public management and
  • improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Florida has one of the largest, and most successful, CPM Programs in the country, with nearly 5,500 graduates from more than 100 agencies.

Florida’s CPM Program is administered through Florida State University.

We are proud to recognize tonight 6 of our team members who have worked hard over the past 2 years to obtain this prestigious designation.

Andy Palmer: came to the City in 2004 and currently holds the position of Parks Planning & Strategic Initiatives Manager.  His CPM journey further helped him hone in on the importance of encouraging the heart by listening & taking in all input from the teams he works with.  Then being intentional on how we implement those contributions.  He most enjoyed working with his CPM cohort and especially getting to know his classmates from our City better.

Brandon Richard: joined the City of Winter Haven in 2018, and currently holds the position of Facility Manager of the Winter Haven Recreational & Cultural Center, where he is excited to be leading the team towards providing exceptional services to the community in a new facility. During CPM he most enjoyed the principals of transformational leadership and real world applications, he is grateful for the comradery and support offered by current and former CPM graduates which is both encouraging and inspiring.

Lieutenant Chris Curran: Is a decorated and highly qualified leader in the Winter Haven Fire Department. Chris has positively impacted the department since joining in 2009. For his service protecting our citizens in 2017 he was awarded the American Legion’s Firefighter of the Year, and in 2021 he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. Chris’ favorite module in CPM was Level 6, Systems Focus. Moving forward he plans to utilize the systems thinking approach with the department and across our City by spreading the knowledge and understanding to others of the “bigger picture”.

David Nicholson: joined the City in 2019, as a Wastewater Operator, following a distinguished career as an Officer in the Merchant Navy. David has exceled in his new career, obtaining all certifications required to be a Class A Operator. In CPM he found the Transformational Leadership and Systems Thinking elements extremely impactful and is looking forward to implementing the principals learned throughout his career with Winter Haven Water.

Lieutenant Justin Minser: is a 16 year veteran of the Winter Haven Police Department who has courageously served in many different roles. Justin currently protects our community in his role leading the Uniformed Services Patrol Squad 1. He enjoyed all aspects of CPM, and most enjoyed the motivating and encouraging employees, communication, decision making and team building and is looking forward to implementing this in his current and future roles within the City.

Lieutenant Samantha Phillips: Has been a key team member in the Winter Haven Police Department since 2007. She currently protects our community leading Uniform Patrol Squad 4. Sam and her husband, who is a Sergeant in the Winter Haven Police Department have spearheaded fundraising activities for Special Olympics across our City of many years and most recently Sam travelled across the United States carrying the torch raising awareness for Special Olympics and proudly representing Polk County. She enjoyed all aspects of CPM, and looks forward to implementing the tools learned through CPM while protecting the citizens of Winter Haven.

Brandon spoke for all 6 graduates in expressing that it is reassuring to know that we are being led by transformational leaders.  Thanks were extended from all graduates to department directors and colleagues for their support through the program, the Mayor, Commissioners and City Managers for valuing education and training which will aid in our staff’s ability to ensure we continue to provide exceptional (internal & external) customer service.