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“Genuine Compassion” – A letter of appreciation for our code enforcement team.

Posted August 1st, 2022
Mayor Dantzler received this letter last week. We agree, our code enforcement team are some of the best around!
“I am writing to express my appreciation for the hard work, compassion and professionalism of your codes enforcement staff.  My siblings and I had a complicated issue related to my mother’s house. She passed away back in 2011 and, due to complications related to a reverse mortgage on the property, there were a number of issues that developed that led to code violations which we were unable to address in a timely manner.  We most recently have been able to resolve the issues and sell the property.  My point in writing to you is to tell you that your codes enforcement staff were very helpful in getting the issue resolved and were always kind, courteous, and professional. I especially want to acknowledge Joe Sea and Megan Drumheller whom I have had many conversations with and were always very prompt in helping me. Tanya Ayers has also been very helpful in resolving some of our issues.  
I think most people take for granted what the code enforcement department does for the community. We all want a clean, safe community, but no one likes to get a code violation.  I recently attended a magistrate hearing to request a fine reduction. Sitting through that hearing I really learned a lot about what your codes enforcement staff does. Many of the folks in that hearing were in difficult spots. I am very impressed in how your staff, along with the magistrate and city attorney, display genuine compassion in working with people to resolve their issues.”
Code enforcement staff