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Hurricane Dorian: Utility Services Announcement

Posted August 30th, 2019

The City of Winter Haven Utility Services Department recommends that residents limit household water use during AND after the storm especially if there is a power outage in our area. Here are some recommendations on preparing for Hurricane Dorian, and why you should!

Pay close attention to various media outlets and the City of Winter Haven’s website,, for boil water notices and outages.
Plan to collect rain water – Rain water can be used for non-drinking related activities such as flushing the toilet.
Fill the bath tub full of water before the storm arrives.  This water may be used for flushing toilets or cooking, but boil for at least one minute before use.
Store enough water for at least 3 days.
Take a break from the “chores” and please avoid running dishwashers, washing machines, or your irrigation system after the storm until the Utility Services Department issues a Press Release notifying customers to resume water use as normal.  Please also limit water used during showers and when flushing the toilet.


The City’s sanitary sewer system may become stressed during and after a storm event. Sometimes this is due to flood waters, or the loss of electrical power to the pumping stations. When you conserve water you help reduce the demand on our system which allows for our crew members to address any system issues in a more timely fashion.

We thank you for your understanding, and for preparing for the storm in advance. If you should have any questions during this time please contact Utility Services at 863-291-5853.