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Hurricane Preparedness With Crime Prevention In Mind

Posted July 15th, 2019

Hurricane Preparedness Flier

The opportunity for crimes to occur after a disaster, such as a hurricane, increases. This can be due to a number of factors including evacuation of homes or businesses – to damage left unattended. Be sure to take steps to lessen those opportunities in the unfortunate event we have a storm that comes through the City of Winter Haven.

Assess your home or business for vulnerable areas:
Do a walk-through of your home or business. Take photos or video of valuables and record serial numbers in the event of a loss. Walk your property to evaluate roof, windows, garage door and landscaping to determine what actions you will need to take. Keep in mind tree limbs close to the home that could break windows – trim them now; window locks that are loose – tighten or replace them; doors that have gaps around the frame; door jams that are weak; and sliding-glass doors without additional locks.

Secure Your Home or Business:
Decide what actions need to be taken to protect your property (shutters, tree trimming, additional locks, window film or Lexan) to keep you and your family safe before, during and after the event.

Secure Property If Damage Occurs:
If you were evacuated and authorities have deemed it safe to return, be sure to take measures to secure the areas of your property that were breached. If you were on property during the storm, assess any damage when the storm has passed and begin to take immediate action to secure your property.