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Local Hero: Ernestine Mason Davis

Posted January 30th, 2023

Mrs. Ernestine Mason Davis has pursued over six decades advocating for Civil Rights and equality. She has engaged in these causes on a local, state, and national level. She has tirelessly and continuously pursued these causes. Becoming the first African American cashier to work at Henley’s grocery store in Winter Haven (Florence Villa).

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Constantly staying engaged in the Civic, Political, Educational, and Humanity issues in and around her. Lending a hand to initiate and participate in the bringing of change through peaceful methods was and still is a passion of hers. Mrs. Davis peacefully participated and demonstrated in the Civil Rights demonstrations of the fifties, sixties and beyond.

The City of Winter Haven and Florence Villa are forever indebted to her for the efforts she has made and the efforts she continues to pursue. Mrs. Davis has showed immense compassion towards the city of Winter Haven by caring for and giving back to those less fortunate.

Ernestine Mason Davis & her family gathered for her proclamation.

She founded and established the Concerned Citizens of Winter Haven and the organization Food Bank Program for the Community. She has also established and or served and continues to serve on various Boards (East Polk County Democratic Club, Neighborhood Service Center, Polk County Opportunity Council, Winter Haven Day Care, various Youth Alethic Sports Leagues, Alpi to name a few) to ensure equality is not omitted to those that are the intended benefactors. Her perseverance, commitment, tireless pursuit for equality, and ability to inspire and motivate others to the call of action makes her the perfect choice for a local hero.