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Local Heroes: George And Seretha Tinsley

Posted March 1st, 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley have provided enriching leadership opportunities for the youth in this community for many years. Dedicated to seeing their community thrive, they have created employment and leadership opportunities for hundreds of people throughout their group of businesses and by mentoring and guiding hundreds more to work and grow in other fields.

The Tinsley’s Quote Banner.

Their time, talents, and treasures have been poured into the community through scholarships, assisting schools, mentoring entrepreneurs and community leaders, and countless donations to non-profit organizations.

Over the years, Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley have served on many boards and committees across Polk County. Assisting and facilitating growth in others drives them daily. Their ability to empathize, the time they take to understand others’ journeys, and their genuine care for their fellow man have left an indelible imprint on those around them. When you say the Tinsley name, people smile. George and Seretha show their love through their actions, whether it’s giving back, lending an ear to listen to someone in need, mentoring a small business owner, or simply letting others know they support them, their kindness is felt by all who know them.

Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley alongside family members at their proclamation.

Their compelling desire for the youth grew when their beautiful children Penni and George were born, so much so that they named their company “PenGeo.” Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley’s dedication to the well-being and betterment of the community’s youth is exemplified in many different ways. One such way is a “secret” holiday tradition where they take hundreds of kids Christmas shopping. The children can buy what they need, but George & Seretha ask them to purchase something for their caretakers too. Mrs. Tinsley lives by the mantra; If it wasn’t for the people that pour into you, where would you be?

Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley are exceptional human beings who are local heroes and role models to the youth and their peers. They live every day by “walking the walk”; your ability to be kind and give back to others is your biggest strength.

The communities they have touched and the lives they have impacted could never be counted, and their legacy will live on for generations to come.