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Press Releases

Roadway Improvements are Beginning

Posted August 31st, 2022

Starting in September, the City will begin repaving (or “milling and filling”) some local roads.

Roads to be Paved

The roads to be paved can be viewed on the map linked below – they are the roads in yellow. As work gets closer to the beginning, residents will see signage posted in the area. Work should only take a few days in each area. Flaggers and temporary detours will be placed on the day of paving to provide direction.

Roads to be Micro-Surfaced

Also shown on the above map are roads that will be micro-surfaced in the near future. These roads are colored blue. This is a best practice for maintaining roads with a good existing structure. Material delays are impacting the start date of this effort, but an update will be posted soon.

Asphalt Rejuvenation

Lastly, asphalt rejuvenation candidates are shown on the map in green. This low-cost practice can be applied to roads still in good condition to help extend their life. The final list of these projects is being solidified based on roadway conditions.

Roadway Improvements Map