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Vegetation Clearing at Willowbrook Golf Course

Posted July 7th, 2022

The Duke Energy Polk County Electric Reliability Project is designed to upgrade the transmission system in Polk County to help meet the increasing demand for energy in the region. The project includes construction a new transmission substitution and two new transmission lines. One of those lines will run alongside Willowbrook Golf Course.

As a result, some vegetation clearing will take place alongside the Willowbrook Golf Course during the month of July. The City team is working closely with Duke Energy to minimize any impact to the course.

Vegetation Clearing and Access

The easement area must be clear of vegetation to help allow safe access during construction and later operation of the line. Workers may also install ground stabilization or construction mats for equipment access and construction activities.

Trees are part of the natural beauty of Florida, but they can also be one of the leading causes of power outages when alongside power lines. Duke Energy’s priority is to strike a balance between natural vegetation and delivering safe, reliable electricity throughout the Central Florida area.

Duke will utilize an integrated vegetation management program to manage vegetation within and adjacent to the new transmission lines. Their vegetation management methods are based on widely accepted standards developed by the tree care industry and approved by the American National Standards Institute for tree care maintenance and operations.

More information can be found on Duke website here: