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Our Lakes

[Animated image showing Winter Haven lakes]

Winter Haven is the Chain of Lakes City and has 50 lakes within or bordering city limits. This makes our lakes one of our most valuable recreational, economic, and environmental resources, and the primary focus of the Natural Resources Division of Public Works. For the division’s page click here.

Each year the division publishes an annual report on the state of our lakes and what management strategies are in place to preserve an enhance them. This report is available as a PDF or as a condensed interactive storyboard, both linked below.

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There are many ways to get out and enjoy our lakes. Visit the GIS gallery for an interactive map offering directions and information on all public boat ramps and lakeside parks. You can also access lake information such as bathymetry, surface level, and water quality through the gallery’s Lakes map.

For a more in-depth look at water quality on our lakes, visit our Water Quality page.

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