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Chemical Spill at Borden Dairy Causes Evacuation

Posted July 29th, 2020

Winter Haven Fire and Polk County Hazardous Materials teams are at Borden Dairy (1000 6th St SW) in Winter Haven in response to a chemical spill that occurred this morning (7/29/2020) at approximately 5:40 a.m.

When crews arrived, the safety team at Borden had the spill isolated and employees were evacuating the building. During the shut down of the spill, one employee had a slight exposure, however refused medical treatment and was not transported. There were no other injuries reported.

The public at large is not in danger and there were no evacuations in the surrounding areas.  The chemical is possibly a cleaning solution with exact nature of the solution still being determined.

Winter Haven Fire officials remain on scene at this time going through the building ensuring that the leak is in fact shut off completely and there are no further leaks in the system. They will remain on scene until the building can be completely cleared of any chemical in the air.