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Community Projects

7th Street Improvement Project

The Construction of 7th street will start at both Lake Howard Drive and at Avenue G SW. The contractor work towards the mid-point at Central Avenue. Updates will be provided on project boards throughout the corridor and on this page as the project progresses. No road closures are planned, you may find streets inaccessible for short periods of time and we ask for your patience. Advance notice will be given if vehicles need to be moved or temporarily parked elsewhere. Safety is the most important aspect of the project. Please obey signs and speed limits, and be alert to construction zones. Keep in mind, replacing these aging roadway corridors will improve the area for years to come by providing safe roads and sidewalks for you and your neighbors!!

South Central Park

The South Central Park construction project has been part of the downtown renovation conversation for more than 10 years. Through this time, its uses and designs have transformed, making the long process good for the end result.   The value of downtown public green space has risen greatly as more businesses and people desire a quaint community core of years gone by.  By renovating the South Central Park, the downtown identity is strengthened as a vibrant destination.  Improving and expanding this important resource reinforces downtown as a gathering destination, which stimulates private investment.  The renovations expand the downtown core and link key locations for a seamless connection.  The realignment of Avenue A, SW and the closing of Magnolia Avenue for a short distance will allow pedestrians to easily get to where they want to go…and where they never knew they wanted to be! This space has always been a community gathering place, and it is appropriate to continue this tradition while reimagining it for the future. Join us in celebrating this important project.

South Central Park Phasing (Updated 2/2018)

Downtown Winter Haven Public Parking Map

Capital Improvement Projects

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