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2019 Havendale Christmas Parade Application Form

Posted November 4th, 2019

2019 Havendale Christmas Parade Application

2019 Havendale Christmas Parade Official Rules and Regulations

QUESTIONS OR INFORMATION: Auburndale Chamber of Commerce ‐863‐967‐3400 Auburndale Parks & Recreation ‐863‐965‐5545

Please review the below rules and information carefully as all units are accepted based on the unit’s quality and contribution to the parade.



MANDATORY MEETING: A mandatory meeting will take place on TUESDAY, December 3, 2019, at 7:00 P.M. at Nora Mayo Hall inside Florida Citrus Building 500 3rd St NW Winter Haven, FL 33881. You will receive staging information as well as your parking information whether it is at Spring Haven or at the Spring Lake Plaza. If you are put behind Spring Lake Plaza you will not be given a number it is line up as you arrive. If you are given a number for Spring Haven that is NOT your unit number in the Parade that is you’re parking number at the facility as we merge both places together when the parade starts. We will be checking both places before the parade to make sure you have completed all the required information to participate in the parade.

ENTRY FEE: A non‐refundable fee of $40.00 – PER MOVEABLE UNIT ‐is due with your application.

PARADE ROUTE: Begins at Spring Haven Retirement Center (Winter Haven), travels WEST on Havendale Boulevard, ending at Publix (Auburndale). The route is approximately 3.1 miles.

Professional: One designed and constructed by a professional float company. Other Float: One that originates from sources other than a professional float company (i.e. homemade)
Marching Band: A performing group of moderate size.
Car: A vehicle carrying a public official or pageant representative. Animals: Will be accepted on the discretion of the parade committee. Units composed of live animals must have clean‐up personnel in costume, and must provide proof of liability coverage.
Walking Units: All walkers must be 12 years or older. (Walkers should be dressed theme appropriate, including chaperones.)
Monster Trucks: Must be accompanied by three (3) walkers on each side. This is to keep parade attendees away from truck tires and to assist the drivers of any hazards.
All walkers must wear appropriate shoes to keep up with the steady pace of the 3.1 mile parade route.


No strollers/wagons/motorized units (battery operated) are allowed.

SANTA: Santa and Mrs. Claus have agreed to be part of the Havendale
Christmas Parade. Please do not have an imposter on your unit, as he will not be allowed.

DECORATIONS: All floats and wheeled units (including towing units) are to be COMPLETELY decorated with lights and weatherproof materials that can withstand transportation to and for participation in the parade.

The organizations name shall be visible on the unit. This is to provide identification, not advertisement.

JUDGING CATEGORIES: Mayor’s Award (Overall Outstanding Parade Unit), Spectacular Sparkle Award (Lights and Illumination), People’s Choice Award (Most creativity, appearance, uniqueness), Spirit of Havendale Award (Best use of Imagination and Christmas Spirit). Judging will be done BEFORE the parade. Please have your unit completely decorated by 6:00 P.M. to be included in the judging.

SAFETY: Parade units shall be no taller than 15 feet and 12 feet wide.
The towing vehicle must be equipped with a tow bar, safety chains, and working brake lights. All headlights on towing vehicles must be turned off or covered during the parade.

Safety bars or stable structure shall be provided for persons standing on the unit.

All units must be equipped with a fire extinguisher on board.

Consumption of or possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or firearms is prohibited during parade participation. Possession of such items will result in immediate removal from the parade.

Each entry must have an adult spotter (18 years or older), other than the driver to watch for any problems with participants, riders or spectators.
No open flames or spark producing devices are allowed on a float or in a vehicle.

No smoking is permitted on the float or in vehicles towing floats.

Units may not stop during the parade route at any time. Units must maintain a slow continuous speed. Parade participants may pass out candy, fliers, beads, etc. NO throwing of any object is allowed. No throwing of anything from units, only walkers can hand out candy, fliers, beads, etc. during the parade to spectators.

During the parade: ALL occupants of the towing vehicle OR vehicle must remain IN THE VEHICLE at all times WITH ALL DOORS CLOSED. Refrain from the use of cell phones, eating, etc. while in the parade route. Music must be appropriate; this is a Christmas Parade and small children attending. Costumes on the float must be appropriate for the theme of the Parade and not scary.

Each application must contain a detailed unit description. Each participant has an obligation to update his or her application. Updates MUST be made by the deadline date of NOVEMBER 14, 2019. Changes will not be accepted after this date.

Failure to comply with the request of a law enforcement officer or a parade official will result in the immediate removal from the parade.

Complete application, include payment and insurance information and mail to:
Auburndale Chamber/Havendale Christmas Parade
2701 Lake Myrtle Park Road
Auburndale, FL 33823

You may deliver applications in person to:
Auburndale Chamber of Commerce –2701 Lake Myrtle Park Road, Auburndale.

Auburndale Parks & Rec Office – 119 W. Park Street – Auburndale.

2019 Havendale Christmas Parade Application