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Kite Flying Safety Tips

Posted July 20th, 2022

It’s summertime! Kite flying is the perfect outdoor activity to soak up some sun, feel the breeze, and enjoy special time with family. If done correctly and safely, kite flying is an exciting and fun-filled experience for people of all ages. With so many lakes and recreation areas, Winter Haven is the ideal location for kite flying. For beginners, here are some things you’ll need to know before heading out:

  • Pick a day with steady winds, preferably not at the beginning or end of daylight hours, and find an area with lots of space. The best wind speeds depend on the type of kite, but it is generally between 3 to 15 miles per hour. The Lake Maude Sports Complex and Chain of Lakes Park are excellent local sites to try your hand at kite flying.
  • In Florida, the sun can get unbearable. Make sure you have sunscreen and a hat and sunglasses if possible. Parents may want to bring a chair or canopy, while kids may need snacks and gloves to prevent line burns from larger kites.
  • For specific details on how to successfully fly a single-line or multi-line kite, visit the American Kitefliers Association’s descriptive step-by-step guide.

It is important that you practice safety measures to ensure a fun-filled experience. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings—do not fly near overhead power lines, in wet or stormy weather, on a busy road, or near an airport. If your kite gets stuck in an electrical line, do NOT try to detangle it; contact your electric company to let them know of the situation. To avoid line burns from large kites, wear protective gear like gloves. Know who and what is around you, and do not exceed your physical limitations by flying anything too large or difficult to operate. Always maintain a safe distance from other people. Make the most out of your summer by grabbing your keys and heading out to the park. Kite flying is an easy way to spend time outdoors, whether you are with loved ones or taking some time for yourself. It is a relaxing, yet thrilling experience, if all safety measures are practiced.