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Uniform Services

The Uniform Services Division is the largest single division, led by Captain Mitch Meadows.

Along with daily patrol functions, the primary functions include, but are not limited to: response to calls for service, preventative patrol, crime prevention and repression, criminal apprehension and prosecution, report writing, court testimony, traffic control, direction and enforcement, crisis intervention and the development of relationships within the community and with our citizens, businesses and visitors.

Uniform Services Units

Patrol Division

Patrol Division Officers are charged with the responsibility of providing 24-hour-a-day police service, every day of the year. Officers are assigned to one of four patrol squads that work shifts being 12 hours in length. The shifts are permanent shifts and can be bid for at a specified time each year. These officers are assigned the task of emergency and service response.

All new officers receive extensive training. To be certified as a police officer in the State of Florida, an individual must complete a minimum of 770 hours of basic recruit training provided by a certified police academy training center. After completing the basic recruit training, the aspiring officer must pass a state examination on the principles and techniques learned in the police academy. A new officer must complete the basic training and pass the state examination before being certified as a law enforcement officer. Once an officer is certified and employed by the department, that officer is integrated into the Field Training Program and assigned to a Field Training Officer. Upon successful completion of a 13-week Field Training Program, the new officer is then assigned to solo duty on one of the patrol shifts.


The Winter Haven Police Department utilizes four police K-9 Units to augment the services of the Uniform Patrol squads. These K-9s conduct building searches, track and apprehend suspects, locate missing persons and indicate the presence of certain illegal drugs. All K-9s and their handlers successfully complete the training guidelines as established by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Reserve Officers

A Reserve Officer has received training in the same areas as a Police Office


The Traffic Division is responsible for enforcing the traffic laws of the state and investigating vehicle crashes that occur within the city limits.

Youth Services

Our goal is to engage our youth of all ages to keep campuses safe and to help build a strong relationship with the youth and their families for now and in the future. We believe in addressing problems early, before they become big problems.

We also believe in having fun!  Our many programs and activities off a variety of ways youth and their families can participate together alongside members of the Winter Haven Police Department.


Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Explorers Program

The Explorers program for young men and women who have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age or are 15 years of age but have not yet reached their 21st birthday.

Youth Leadership Council

The Youth Leadership Council consists of approximately 15 members who serve voluntarily and meet every-other week with agency members during the summer.