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Community Services

Citizen Volunteer Program

The Citizen Volunteer Unit is a vital part of the Winter Haven Police Department. Volunteers serve in many areas of the agency, including administrative, neighborhood patrol, trail patrol, assisting detectives, just to name a few. Your skills may be just what the agency needs while allowing you to use your talents in a unique capacity in law enforcement.

Applicants must pass a background check. For an application, visit the Police Department or send an email and one will be sent to you.

Volunteer Application

Parks/Trail Patrol  (golf cart, Segway or walk)

  • Patrols parks throughout the City of Winter Haven
  • Serves as eyes and ears of Winter Haven Police within the Parks
  • Attend unit meeting once a quarter

Parking Enforcement

  • Attend mandatory training
  • Patrol downtown areas for parking infractions
  • Mark vehicles in limited time spaces
  • Capable of attending traffic court

Special Events

  • Enjoys communicating with people
  • Available for weekend events
  • Set up table displays
  • Child fingerprinting

Neighborhood Patrol

  • Patrol throughout designated neighborhoods within the City
  • Assist motorist in distress
  • Assist Winter Haven Police officers with traffic crashes
  • Conduct directed patrols in identified crime areas

Administrative Volunteers

  • Assist with clerical duties
  • Answer phones and citizen care in front lobby
  • Fingerprinting in front lobby