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Public Safety Community Advisory Committee

The Winter Haven Public Safety Community Advisory Committee has been developed to allow a selected board of citizens to discuss agency programs, provide insight on community needs, review past citizen interactions and ensure the open lines of communication between residents and the Department are enhanced.

Meeting Minutes


The Committee members selected are as follows:

Tom Freijo (Chair)
Abdul Al-Khatib (Vice-Chair)
Shandra Blocker
Christina Fullerton
Beth Luxford
Daniel Maxwell
Richard Treuman
Pamela Turner-Musgrove
Linda Wingate

Alternates: (Currently accepting applications for two Alternate positions)

The inaugural committee held their first meeting in 2021 with each member serving staggered terms. The committee of nine (9) will meet at a minimum of once per quarter or more frequently if deemed necessary by the Public Safety Director or the Committee Chair.

Additional information regarding the Committee, selection process, code of conduct and application process can be obtained here.


Each year, the application process will be announced with a link for applications to be downloaded and printed. Applications are also available to be picked up by calling 863-291-6178

(Background on development of Committee)

The General Order detailing the scope, criteria, appointment and protocol can be found here by clicking this link.

The Committee Code of Conduct can be found here by clicking this link.

Applications are currently being accepted.
Click here to download the application or call 863-291-6178 to obtain a printed version.

(All items are PDF. To download a FREE PDF reader, click Adobe PDF)