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Falling Asleep In The Bathroom Of Walgreens

Posted January 27th, 2020

When you fall asleep in the bathroom at Walgreens and the store closes… no matter what you think, the store is not yours!
According to 33 year-old Kendrick Marshall, he fell asleep inside Walgreens (705 1st St S, Winter Haven) last night. As you’ll see in the video, he meanders to the front of the store and sees the doors locked! Looks at the counter – throws his hands up in apparent disgust and unlocks the door to leave. The story could have ended here. But you know better.
About three minutes pass and here he comes again. The doors are now unlocked and in he goes. Skips over to the counter and proceeds to take some Newport cigarettes. And out he goes again. Yeah, we caught up to him a short time later behind Crispers just across the parking lot – cigarettes still packaged up.
Guess what he told our officers after he realized he was alone in the store, “I figured the store was mine at that point.”
Ummm, nope, but what is yours are two misdemeanors, a felony charge of burglary and a nice cot in the County jail. (See Kendrick, if you just wouldn’t have gone BACK into the store! But you just couldn’t help yourself!)