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Remember – Fall Back This Weekend

Posted November 3rd, 2017

The Winter Haven Police Department is reminding residents that as they set the clocks back one hour on Sunday morning, daily routines generally stay the same. However, being aware of the adjustment in outside lighting situations can help make us all be more alert of our surroundings to help avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Activities, such as pedestrians, bicyclists and runners will still be present, though drivers may not be accustomed to seeing them in the early-evening low light.  Not to mention pedestrians, bicyclists and runners must be aware of their clothing, making sure they are visible in the lowered light. Bicyclists should be certain there are lights installed on the front and back along with reflectors that allow the bicycle to be seen at all angles.

With the change, distracted drivers and pedestrians can present increased hazards, especially those on the phone. Under no circumstance should a driver text while driving. Such careless behavior can result in a serious crash, whether with a vehicle or involving a pedestrian or cyclist who enters into the roadway.

Ultimately, everyone should make a conscience effort to stay safe and make sure the extra step is taken in order to allow everyone to enjoy our beautiful Central Florida weather without any unfortunate incidents.  And enjoy that extra hour of rest this weekend!