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Scammers Continue To Try At All Costs

Posted September 10th, 2019

Friendly Reminder – Watch Out While Conducting Online Transactions
Our victim got very suspicious and did the right thing here.
The victim put an item up for sale for $125 on the online site Offer Up. Great place to buy and sell, but being hyper aware, like our victim, saved a lot of heartache.
A “buyer” expressed interest and told our victim a check would be sent trough the mail using FEDEX. Low and behold, a check arrived. The item for sale was $125, but the check was for $1380. NO PROBLEM, said the “buyer”. Just cash the check, keep the $125 and give the “moving company” the remaining amount. YEAH, NO!
Our victim immediately called the company on the check to learn it was fraudulent. Very alert citizen stopped a scammer and didn’t lose any property or money.
Please check and double check any offer when using online buy/sell sites. If it smells funky, it probably is!