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Florida Friendly Landscaping

Florida Friendly Landscaping

Click here for the application: Florida Friendly Landscaping

Save water and money by retrofitting your high flow irrigation as well as your landscape plants. Improve your curb appeal while saving water and money. Reducing your water thirsty landscape with more of a Florida-Friendly yard will provide multiple benefits for our community!

Retrofit high volume irrigated landscapes into Florida Friendly Landscapes. A minimum of 250 square feet must be converted to micro irrigation, no irrigation or a combination of the two. The homeowner will be responsible for 25% of the total cost; the utility will rebate a maximum of $3,000 per home.

Utility will pay $0.49/sq ft for converting high volume irrigation to low volume irrigation

Utility will pay $1.02/sq ft for converting high volume irrigation to no irrigation


  • Water Utility customer of the City of Winter Haven
  • Homeowners currently have an in-ground irrigation system
  • Homeowners will be converting a minimum of 250 square feet of high volume irrigation to either no irrigation, or micro irrigation.
  • Homeowners use a minimum of 15,000 gallons of water a month averaged over 3 months (will be verified by utility)
  • Homeowners will choose plants from a provided list of Florida Friendly Landscaped plants
  • The irrigation system must have a working rain sensor and irrigation controller at the time of the inspection

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