Why can’t we use treated wastewater (reuse) as a water supply supplement?

The primary way that reuse water can supplement the City's water supply is by using reuse water for irrigation. The City currently has two wastewater treatment plants that treat approximately 5 million gallons per day. The City's Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2 on the north side of town uses almost all of its 1 million gallons per day flow for beneficial purposes. This water irrigates Willowbrook Golf Course, subdivisions, and parks. Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 3 however, has just finished construction of improvements to make the 4 million gallons per day of flow available for irrigation. The City just signed a grant agreement with the Southwest Florida Water Management District to begin construction of a 23,000-foot transmission main that will service a new development and agriculture uses. This pipe will also connect to the transmission main extending from Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2 to make more reuse water available to the north side of town. A draft 15-year master plan has been developed which also recommends extending a reuse pipeline around the east side of town to service golf courses and new development.

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