Are there alligators in my lake or pond? Are they dangerous?

Any body of water, including smaller areas such as retention ponds, is a potential habitat for alligators. Like most wildlife, alligators have a natural fear of humans and are not a cause for concern. However, there are rare, exceptional circumstances where an alligator can become dangerous. If an alligator has been fed by humans or feels threatened then they can be aggressive. Alligators hunt during the hours of dusk and dawn so do not let dogs out on lakeshore property during these times. The mating season ranges from April to September in Florida, and it is best to be cautious of heavily secluded wetland areas, where they may place nests. If you observe an alligator exhibiting aggressive behavior or approaching humans, call the FWC Nuisance Gator Line at 866-392-4286. On City property, call the Natural Resources Division at 863-291-5881

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