Business Development

Thanks to our exceptional communications infrastructure and affordable labor pool, Winter Haven's business community is thriving. Our innovative, high-tech downtown district continues to welcome an unprecedented number of new businesses.

Downtown Winter Haven is the heart of the City and reflects a unique and authentic historic character that has created multiple opportunities for businesses to locate and thrive. The attractive, walkable downtown is easily accessible with connections to pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, trails, and even a public bus terminal. Both regulator and financial incentives are available to new businesses locating within the Downtown Business District and the City's two Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) areas.

In Winter Haven, we recognize the importance of a diverse and well-prepared workforce. From career academies, which expedite the preparedness of middle and high school students with college credit courses and industry certifications, to Polk State College and Florida Polytechnic, the Winter Haven community is committed to producing and maintaining an educated, skilled workforce.