Hiring an Off-Duty Officer For Your Event

As established by Florida State Statute Title V Chapter 30.2905, officers are available for private hire during their off-duty hours at the request of citizens, organizations, and businesses. Officers can assist the community by providing security, crowd control, uniformed law-enforcement presence, or traffic control in an off-duty capacity for private functions, social events, store sales events, parades, civic celebrations, job safety, construction, etc.

Extra-Duty Detail Requests

WHPD has established the Extra-Duty Detail Coordinator to coordinate these requests Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The coordinator can be reached by calling 863-291-5858 ext. 2327 or emailing the Extra-Duty Detail Coordinator. Please contact us to discuss your needs for your event.


All extra-duty employment provided by WHPD officers must be within the Winter Haven jurisdiction.


Currently, the WHPD rate for off-duty employment is $45 per hour. Holiday rates are $55 per hour.  Premium (less than five days notice) is $65 per hour. An administration fee as well as a Workers Compensation fee is included in these costs. There is a three-hour minimum of pay for all details. For example, if your organization only needs an officer for 1 ½ hours, you will still be responsible for three hours.


WHPD reserves the right to cancel extra-duty detail assignments without notice for the following reasons:

  • A representative requests an officer to engage in prohibited employment activities as described in agency policies and/or Florida Statutes. The Extra-Duty Coordinator shall inform the representative of these prohibited extra-duty employment activities during their conversation (they are also listed here)
  • Failure to provide the required notification of cancellation
  • Failure to pay for services rendered

WHPD may also recall employees for official duty when necessary for community safety.

Details That Are Not Allowed

  • Employment involving the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages (F.S.S. 561.25). Prohibited employment includes engaging in the sale of alcoholic beverages, or being employed directly or indirectly in connection with the operation of any business licensed under the beverage law. Locations include bars, parking lots of bars, or any other gathering or event where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed to the degree that the primary purpose of hiring an off-duty deputy is to keep the peace because of the consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Employment involving bail bond agencies (F.S.S. 648.44(2))
  • Investigative work for attorneys, insurance companies, collection agencies, security agencies, process servers, repossession of vehicles or other property or potential conflicts of interest
  • Employment as private security guards, or private store detectives other than uniformed law enforcement-related employment as defined herein
  • Any other employment which adversely affects the performance of official duties or which creates violations of ordinances or state statutes or a conflict of interest in violation of F.S.S. 112.313.